Join us for the 2021 Spring Conference & Awards Banquet

The construction industry is a tough business to be in. We all know it too wellup to 96% of companies fail before reaching the 10-year mark! But when run correctly, our businesses can be incredibly rewarding. The problem is, most of the time, we just don't have the time to step aside and analyze how our team is working together, what our customer service looks like, and what big picture goals we're setting for ourselves and our business.  

The CCN conference gives you and your key team members the tools to create those goals and align the entire company on what each person needs to do to achieve them. It's time to get out of your silo and see what your business can become with the benefits below. 

Strengthen Your Business with these 8 Benefits When You Attend the CCN Conference 

  1. Get off Your "Island of One": Most successful contractors believe they have all the best ideas because they are successfulBut the challenge for the successful contractor is being limited to only your ideas, regardless of how good they areWe have seen that the more successful the contractor, the greater the breakthrough they will experience when attending a CCN Conference.  

  1. Seize Opportunities: Contracting is a tough business. It is easy to get beat down, frustrated, and feel like quitting for both owners and team members. The CCN Conference is a proven method to get re-energized about your business. During the conference, get charged up to capitalize on what is right about the business and how to plug profit leaks.  

  1. Set Clear Goals: Many contractors feel trapped in the day-to-day obligations of their business and wish they had more time for goal setting and planning. CCN Members report that by empowering their team through the conferences, they do far less daily "firefighting" now and can focus on "What Matters Most" for the business and all the stakeholders.  

  1. Empower Your Employees: Let's face it, it's tough to implement new ideas within your businesses. Just because you give an employee a responsibility does not mean they are empowered to carry it out successfully. It is unfair to expect an employee or sub to perform up to expectations and responsibilities without giving them the training and tools to excel. Conference breakouts empower employees with the new skills they need to be more effective.  

  1. Align Your Team: As most contractors know, the boss can only do so much on their own. To be truly successful, we need to achieve alignment with many people across the companyBut that's tough when everyone has their own job duties to worry about. When key team members attend a conference, they realize the "big picture" of the business, resulting in the alignment of all departments of the business working toward achieving the same goals. 

  1. Implement New Ideas: Contractors often wonder why the things they learn in seminars are so difficult to implement within their companies. In this industry, most training is focused on the business owner, who, in turn, needs to return to their business and communicate the changes and improvements they learned at the training event. When key team members attend a conference, you create a stronger team that has their information firsthand. 

  1. Achieve Customer Satisfaction: We all know that the better we serve customers and the more satisfied they are with their contracting experiences, the more they will buy, the more they will refer us, and the greater the chance they will become "Clients for Life." You will find a CCN conference to be one of the most effective, least expensive ways to achieve a high level of customer and turn profit-losing disputes into profit-making projects. 

  1. Strengthen Employee Engagement: Investment in training personnel demonstrates the company's commitment to their employees' success. By attending a CCN Conference, morale is naturally improved through networking with peers who deal with the same business challenges. Self-esteem grows as employees see that their boss is willing to invest in their future. And in turn, those employees will work harder towards your aligned business goals. 

We're excited to share proven methods to strengthen your business and to create a space for not just business owners but their key team members, to come together, share ideas, and grow enthusiasm for their businesses.  

Why Attend the Spring Conference?

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Margaritaville Resort Orlando

APRIL 22-24, 2021



Inspire New Ideas

Gain a new excitement for your business through impactful sessions and collaboration with colleagues. 

Set Clear Goals

Take the time to plan and create achievable goals for your team members and your business. 

Align Your Team

Empower your team to see the big picture and take on new responsibilities that lead to your success.

Delight Customers

Improve customer experiences and learn how to turn disputes into 100% customer satisfaction. 

Ready to take your business to the next level?